Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am now an Amazon Associate

While doing some browsing last night I noticed on the monetize screen of blogger (blog tool used for this blog) there was a link titled Amazon Associates. Upon doing some research and following that link, I found out that there is a way to make a percentage, starting at 4% of the sale price, by advertising Amazon products on a site. The trick here though is the customer has to actually buy the product, not just click through it.

Well, I signed up, and it only took me about 10 minutes from the second I started the registration page to when I actually had an Amazon ad on my site. This is a pretty easy tool to use, now let's see if it makes me any money.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Got my first ad click today

An ad got clicked. Yup, today is an exciting day for me and my $10 a day journey. The ad that was clicked was from this very blog and I made actual money from that click. Hhhmmm ... Now to see how to get 50 - 100 people to do the same everyday.

Total earnings: $0.22
Average earnings per day: not enough to count

Sunday, October 17, 2010

EHow's Response

After 3 days my application to be writer for EHow was approved by Demand Studios. Eager to start writing I followed the link in the email and was ready to go. However, they required a tax information form be filled out prior to start writing. Among the information they needed was "social security number" (ssn). Although I understand that they need my ssn for tax and income purposes I don't like giving it out. So I hesitated and it was time to research them some more, just in case it's a scam, so back to google. Turns out they are not a scam, but the amounts they pay don't seem to be worth it. $5 -$20 per article (more likely the $5 than the $20) or pennies per click on an ad from your article. Think I will better keep my how to manuals on my own blogs with my own adsense for now. Not ruling out ehow altogether, just not jumping all over it immediately.

Aside from that I have successfully added adsense to this $10 a day blog as well as my Of Some Use blog. Also did some tuning to my adsense on Island Slang.

Total earnings: $0
Average earnings per day: $0

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Research

So I have set the goal. Make $10 a day In automated residual income, now what. Well, I did what anyone who uses a computer would do. I googled it. Did a search for 'How to make $10 a day' and sifted quickly through the results. Turns out the most popular ideas to achieve this is to set up multiple sites with google adsense, which does sound like a easy, repeatable process that is worth looking into.

However intermingled in there was an article titled Make money writing for ehow. Well I never realized that people were actually out there making money on these short 'how to'manuals listed on, time to sign up.

First things to try:
Ehow: Apply to be a writer (

Add google adsense to this blog
I also have a blog on, but can't add adsense to their site. Time to migrate that blog and add adsense there too.
I also own a site named - time to run adsense there as well

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Intro and Overview

A few days ago I finished reading this awesome book titled The Four Hour Workweek. This is an awesome book which has a host of useful concepts. However, this book does downplay the difficulty of things. Doable things, but difficult, including negotiating a work from home agreement with your boss, to starting an automated cash cow business that need little to no input from you.

Well, a day after finish reading it I came up with a muse idea. According to Tim Ferris, a muse is an automated, scalable business that is designed to generate income. Well my muse was to sell Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee online. I followed the steps in the chapter "Income Autopilot II" and set up my initial game plan for my new founded coffee import idea. Steps included:

1. Purchase domain:
2. Build a website and order form using and respectively
3. Upon submit of the order form, display a "product on backorder message"
4. Signup for google adwords to advertise site - $20 per day
5. See how many potential orders I get to see if this is a viable muse
6. Set up shop, kick back and make thousands of dollars per day

Well day 2 has passed with my steps 1 through 4 above complete, however no one has completed the form. Many have visited the site according to google analytics, but no potential orders.

So sitting back and thinking of my potential next muse, the thought occurred to me. Well, thousands of dollars per day would be nice, but does seem far fetched. How about I start small and try to make $10 per day. Yes, a far cry from allowing me to quit my job and travel the world, but supplemental income that is generated repeatedly with little or no input would definitely be welcomed.

Hence, this blog was born to document my journey to generating a residual income of $10 per day. I hope to make it to that $10 a day and far beyond and definitely plan to enjoy the journey getting there.

$10 per day = ~$300 per month = ~$3650 per year